Monday, 16 November 2015

Tenants make for poor Gardeners!


Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?

Well in the land of the tenant often not with silver bells, cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row! More like rampant weeds, misshapen bushes and pathways overgrown. It is a fact that rarely does the average tenant look after gardens and outside space as well as the average homeowner.

At the end of a tenancy a house can be cleaned, a carpet can be changed and paintwork and walls can be spruced up fairly easily. However it may take many months to bring a garden back to its former glory. A garden is the face of a property the first thing that you see; a poorly maintained garden can lose you a tenant, reduce the rental value and can lead to an uncomfortable dispute with the on going tenant. Alan Titchmarsh, Monty Don and God bless him local favourite Percy Thrower would be less than impressed with the efforts of many.

Landlords and garden lovers, the way to avoid a problem (particularly for the larger garden) is to simply provide a gardener in the first place. You choose the gardener and you decide on the frequency of the visits; in doing so you then ensure the quality is maintained. Given that houses with gardens are like 'gold dust' at the moment, you incorporate the cost of this into any rental negotiation. The alternative is that you split the obligation and give the tenant a very clear remit for maintenance. For example to cut the grass, weed the borders and clear the pathways. Write into the tenancy that if this is not adhered to, you reserve the right to employ a gardener and specify the additional cost.


To limit a dispute take plenty of photographs of the garden before the tenancy starts and ensure that you frequently inspect. Document and communicate any dissatisfaction and agree a way forward before it is beyond a resolution. Avoid pets particularly dogs, be wary of trampolines and be cynical about any tenant who claims to be a gardening God (or Goddess). Divine intervention, a lot of time and money is the only thing that can help your garden then.


If you want help drafting a tenancy agreement that tightens up the garden obligations then please call by and have a chat.


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